Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thanks, NME...we think.


shine said...

Someone just bought me your cd this week and it's awesome! It's on my permanent top ten album ever list! I've already listened to it 20 or 30 times and I've had it two days. Cheers to you all! I'm telling everyone I know to buy it.

Hot Lunch said...

Hey, sorry I missed you guys at Oxegen. Got into the tent just as ye left the stage.

Great review in this months THE WORD magazine. Looking forward to your next visit to Irish shores. The people behind the Latitude festival in the UK also book the Electric Picnic festival here; it's a much better one than Oxegen, which is basically a rites-of-passage piss and shit fest. You should try and get on the bill.

Love the album.

Katrina Joy Plam said...

A clever review with a side of snark! Besides, I hear the weather is quite nice in hipsterville. Always mild where the ironic facial hair grows in abundance. ; ) When is the ever-awesome PHB touring through Portland?