Monday, February 15, 2010

Woody's Band Names

Handclap's drummer, Patrick Wood has a list of facetious band names. Here they are:

PHB/BJL/Q&A/COHAGEN/Shoot First, Ask Christian Slater/Shit-talking Teddie Bear and the T9 Function/Sir Lawrence Olivia Newton John Cougar Melloncamper Van Beethoven's 5th Dimension/Golden Black Super Crystal Canyons/Buttsweat and Tears/Peter, Ponch, and John/Hot CHiPs Patrol/Red Foxx Chili Peppers/The Pains of Being Neil Young at Heart/Christian Breath/Crash Test Dummies For Dummies/Vampire Spring Break/The HeeBeeGeeBeeGees/Not So Little Feat/Emerson, Lake, and Dauber from TV's 'Coach'/Dude, Uncool And The Gang/Widespread Hispanic/Rage Against Rage Against The Machine/Kate's Bush/MecHanic! At The Citgo/The Skrotes/Animal Cooperative/The Rolling Scones/The Traveling Dingleberries/Mercury Rev Jesse Jackson/Rites of Springsteen/Loggins and Messiah/Wall of Doodoo/The Sugarpubes/Patsy Kleinstuerzende Neubauten/The Regis and Maury Chain/Taco Bell and Sebastian/Steel Pulse Bath Tub/Iron and Wine Coolers/My Morning Jackoff/Bow Wow Wowhaus/Wall Of Voodoobie Brothers/Hot O'Clock/Fuck Material/VADGE/Cockwash/Steel Pole Math Club/Dragons Of Synth/Brown Sabbath/No Country For Old Man Balls/Manhattan Branch Transfer/Turkey Shirt/The Condolences/Al Hammond III/Screens Of The Home Page/Crack Mountain/The 1916's/Nipple Pimple/Crotchpuncher/Crystal Math/Black Crystal Antlers Mother/Burnt Blackarach/The Traveling Blues Travelers (traveling with a case of the blues)/Funbag/The Debbie Harry Connick Junior Senior Discount Band/Jimmy Buffet's Desert Dessert Buffet (Jimmy)/Jack Jackofferson/Gene Schortzen/Wall With Blood On It/TV On The HAM Radio/Sun City Girls Against Boys II Men At Work/Pussy Shrinker/Dogfriend/30 Seconds to SARS/ATOMIC WINGS/VietMom/the Choads/Warm Warm Warmth/Schloc Party/the Tropical Eskimos/Hanz and Dennis Franz Ferdinand/Bel Biv DEVO/Fabreeze/Nad Wizard/Aberdeen Shitty/Buttpiss/Hank Williams Junior Mints/Shlongwave/The Jefferson's Airplane/Happy Accident/Elton Jaundice/Psychic TV Dinner/Creedance Clearwater, Florida/Belle and Sebastian Bach/PantyBollocks Gastro-Beef Whorchestra/Stainless Steely Dan/David Hasselrod/I Love You But I've Chosen Hartnett/Ambulance STD/Hunan Television on the Gay Beach Radio/The Art of Noice/The Gaze/The Grateful Dead Can Dance/Within Shouting Distance Of Reality/New Found Gloryhole/Gastro-Intestinal Fortitude/Enterprises Incorporated/Boss Fetus/I Know USSR But What Am I?/It's A Shame About Gay/Marrianne and Gingervitus/Rat-tat-tarded/Husker Don't/IraQ/HOSS/Stint/Public Enema/Endless Bummer/Sanford and Sun Ra/EMINEMERIL/I Am The Kennedy Space Center/Hawaii 5-Oprah/Crouching Tiger, Hidden Valley Ranch/Magnum P.I.L./The Tex-Mex Pistols/Dead Can Dance Fever/Glam Chowder/The New York Balls/Hemorrhoid Clit/Jars Of Gay/Nick Cage and His Bad Knees/Death From A Shove '89/Devendra Bran Fart/Pretty Girls Make Slaves/Table Pennis/Brainpuke/Insane Frown Posse/The Looney Suzuki/Goldcrapp/Antony and My Johnson/Pomp and Circumstaunch Republican/Dr. Fill/The Food Fighters/Extra Baio/The Haim/The Asshole Boogieboarders/The Lollygaggers/Papa Zit/Wackjob/Gay Not Gay/Orange Drink/RIG/The Tits/The Prish/The Choad/Foodeater/The Way/The Lame/The Fitnesses/The Delicious Sandwich/Beaver School/The Dentist/Macchio/The Line Crossers/Lickity Split/No Shit/Fiber/Plaid Lib/The Raisinettes/The Trots/Crap Your Pants Say Yeah/Dylan McDermott Mulroney/Kenny G-Unit/Rad Lib/Operation: Procedure/Le Balloon Sportif/Shitty Fantastic/The Walking Farts/The Douchebags/Ginger Bread Baker/Sad Lib/Dennehy/After Your Shower/Bad Lib/Hot Sausage/Grannypack/Fake Tan/The Slavery/The Yada Yada Yadas/INTERPOLIO/The iPOD/Gonorrhea Perlman/Herpes Handcock/Mary Lou Retna/Iron Butter/Fad Lib/The Mix/Peter, Paul, and Harry/The Creators/The One And Only Dominators/Chips And Sips/Mr. Wallet/The Fracture/The Pope John Paul Jonestown Massacre/Syndrome Of A Down/Clit Spritzer/Woodrow Wilson Phillips/Dad Lib/Thomas Jefferson Airplane/The Bridget Jones Diary Of Anne Frankenstein/Dinah Shore Jr./Militia Etheridge/Chad Lib/Big Deal/Jon Benet Rammstein/The Randy Warhols/Redick/Mark Griffey and The Strang Peas/Limp Bisquick/Cat Power Naps/Amityville Holla/Doppelgangbanger/The Perfectly Awful/The Work For A Living/Human Reality Television/Testies with a Z/Sternum Rub/The Bridget Jonestown Massacre/Glad Lib/Bunny Brains/Kind Of Gay/Sour Cream and Jive/We're Right, We're Bloody Well Right, We've Got A Bloody Right To Say/Jesus Of God/...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Mix Of Dead/Son Of The Bitch/Grad Lib/Big Trouble In Little Richard/Slim Whitman's Sampler/MIDGETFACE/Onion Breff/Rhymin' All The Timin' Hyman/DON STAHL/Dungen Donuts/REIGNSTICK!/The Shit/Ted Nougat/The Queefs/Flowbee One Kenobi/Flabby Habby Bobby and The Bingbongs/Big Rock In My Way/The Wishdancers/DUDE SQUAD/Palmolive Loaf/The Baker Act/Bad Rap/Brad Lib/Emotion Lotion/The Goods/FrontButtSociety/The Other White Pat featuring Ben/Larry Truman and Pubeaway Army/Non-stick Pandimonium/Tragic Magic/Bob Barker's Brass Balls Blues Band/Sloppycock/James and The Giant Stacey Keach/Fronton Soup/Unpainted Huffhines/Junkey Monkey/Farterstarter/Brill Cream/The Chicken Cow Allstars/Chocolate Titties/Los Guys/Stony Danza/Tony Danzig/Wholly Crap/Steak and The Fat Ham/The Sneaky Licks/The Runs/Bedlam and Steve/Michael Landon/The Surf Bored/Projection Reflection Breakdown/Smurfabout/The Hell You Say/James Earls' Jones/Procrastination Station/The Full Tilt Boogars/Apple Pandowty/Frozen Vomit/The Ultimate Tomatoes/Anal Babies/Smashing Bumpkins/Smurf's Up/Brillo Talk/Orson Welk/DAVEWORLD/Don and The City-Its/The Dutch Ovens/Guy Smiley/Dextrose Ambulatorres/Milk and Bookies/Haulin' Oats/Flame Thrower/Bowel Chowder/Nad Lib/Summer Bungalow/Anthony Michael Hall Pass/Harrison Fjord/Sissy Space Egg/Batman and Asshole/Hal Linden/Duran Duran Duran/Earth, Wind and Spencer For Hire/The Mr. Belvedere Hunter/Jaleel Whiteout/Burger King Crimson/The Mocha Trolls/The Smurfin' Smurfaris/Thirstin' More/The Rad Dudes/The Crunchists/DEATH CHEETAH/The Albuquerque Turkeys/ZimBob Wayne/The Get Hunchy/Radial Thugz/Rod Torkleson's Armada featuring Herman Menderchuck/Gunch/The Refreshists/The Fat Kids/Dickdick/The Rampage/Though/The Butterfaces/Life Taxi For Ugly/Strudel/Christopher Columbus and The Broken Dreams/Lunch/Fag Factory/Banana Command/Smurf Nation/The You-Suck/The Reconcilable Differences/The Taste Tasters/Nad Huffer and The Ass Balls/Edward James Almost/Vapid Johnson/Bain Damage/Maybe Not Debit Card/The Pat Wood You Ever Have Ben Experience/Totally Sweet Ninjas/The Space Wasters/The Shut-Up/Jimmy Jammy Mayhem/Wyatt The Strattus/Corey Haim/Beaver (especially their hit, 'Exploding Bitch')/Mixed Doubles and Raquet Club Soda/Had Lib/The How/Cramden/The Krinkles/Brewtime With Mitch/Space Nuptules and The Engagement Rings Of Saturn/Corn On The Job/Stovetime With Bricks/Bitchface/The Government/The Love Handlers/Rowdy Roddy Piper At The Gates Of Dawn/JFKFC/The Forget-It/Drizzly Addams and so much more...

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Mista D said...

That's amazing! Thanks for the laughs. :)