Thursday, October 13, 2011

Daptone, Dunham, Misty and Truth and Soul

Some of the best soul music in the country comes from these fantastic musicians. We've worked with some of them, but they've been front and center inspiration-wise for us for a long time. My initial impression of their sound was that they got all the recording techniques down when the conventional wisdom was that it was impossible to re-create the sound of the great soul records from the 60s and 70s. The thing was, they wasted no time actually making fantastic music not long after they dialed in their recording style.

Gabe Roth is the head of Daptone and a brilliant songwriter, producer, and musician. Leon Michels, Victor Axelrod and Tommy Brenneck are three other leaders in the New York soul scene and are all over these records. Luke O'Malley (guitar) and Nick Movshon (bass) have both played with many bands on the labels mentioned above and also have contributed tons to our records and to our live shows. You can find our single "Baby" on Truth and Soul pressed nicely on 45.

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