Monday, November 28, 2011

Nile Rodgers Fan on The A Train

I was reading the above book today on the A train today when some guy across from me starts laughing. His laughter was moving my way and I looked up. He was laughing because I was reading the Nile autobiography. I was kind of into the attention for some reason, but looking back, it's stupid to laugh at something so obviously not funny.
"Nile Rodgers, man. He's the best!" he says.
"Yeah, I agree." I say and I continue reading. Dude starts mumbling something and once I look up he says, "YOU a freak!" The name of the book is Le Freak, but I don't get it really and I go on reading the book. Later, guy was preaching the gospel of Islam, Christianity and Mormonism to anyone who would listen.
In related news, I recommend this book to anyone who has a serious or passing interest in Chic. Turns out Nile Rodgers can write.

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